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Letters From Fallujah (4) COP Factory

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20 AUG 03

Uncle Hank,

We’ve been busy since I wrote last.  We ran a couple missions into Fallujah, what a shithole.  We were security for the Battalion Commander, which means we were way too far from what was really going on but we got to hear about it on the radio.  What utter bullshit.  We also had to watch our Battalion CSM sleep in his vehicle like the huge turd he is.  The men of 1Panther call him “Deebo” like ...

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Former burn pit inspector: Pentagon officials ignored warnings during Iraq War

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[Source: Fox News Exclusive by Perry Chiaramonte, Lea Gabrielle]

The hazardous effects resulting in terminal illnesses and the loss of life of American service members, veterans and contractors exposed to the burn pits on bases where they were stationed during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn is a discussion that has long been covered up.

Those who have not died are gravely ill from exposure to thick clouds of black smoke and toxic waste burned at military sites ...

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By An Angel’s Kiss, 7 Members of HH-60 Pave Hawk Helicopter, Aghanistan

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Since 2011 we have honored military deaths by hostile fire in the Middle East at Every single one. Their memorial is best known by this art of an Angel kissing a dying knight.

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony.

CPT Andreas B O’Keeffe, 37, of Center Moriches, NY, and

CPT ...

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